Contractor Safety


Becoming a CBH Contractor

Safety is a common fibre that links our whole business. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment for all employees and contractors.

As a valued contractor, registration and pre-qualification are the essential first steps towards working with us. Being registered shows your commitment and evidence to satisfying our health, safety and environment standards.

The Contractor Pre-qualification process may be initiated by :

  • CBH Group Contract Managers contacting you with a new contract work requirement
  • Contracting companies interested in registering to tender

How do I register my business?

To begin this process you need to register your business in Sitepass, our online contractor management tool and complete the following:

  • A self assessment of your management plan (if required depending on risk class) and high risk activities against our CBH Safety Standards applicable to your intended work scope
  • Your businesses HSE History (Injury Frequency rates)
  • HSE Cultural Alignment Questionnaire
  • A risk assessment for each scope of work

A designated CBH Contract Manager will then review this documentation and approve/liaise for more information as required. Note : contact your local CBH office for Contract Manager information should one not be designated to you.

In the event a contractor is unable to meet a certain requirement of this questionnaire, CBH may work with the contracting company to implement an action plan to meet these standards.

The Contractor Business Registration Guide  provides step by step instructions on how to complete this process.

I have been awarded work – what next?

Contractors are responsible for providing a scope specific risk assessment in Sitepass, as well as ensuring all contractor staff are registered, inducted and relevant licences are provided in Sitepass prior to mobilisation (inclusive of any sub contractors). 

This process ensures your staff have the requisite knowledge of CBH specific policies and procedures whilst performing work for us, as well as the CBH specific risks they need to know and manage whilst on site. 

The Contractor Employee Registration and Management Guide  provides step by step instructions on how to register and manage your employees.

Useful Documents

Contractor Business Registration Guide

Contractor Sitepass Employee Registration and Management Guide

Contractor Management Minimum Requirements Standard 

Critical Risk Control Standard

Alcohol and Drug Procedure

Environmental Management Standard

Life Saving Rules

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Road Haulage Code of Practice 

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