Rail Arbitration Outcome

Find out more about the rail arbitration outcome.

Arbitrated outcome reached on rail access

CBH and Arc Infrastructure have reached an arbitrated outcome that provides long-term access for Western Australian growers to the rail network. 

Under the arbitrated outcome, CBH has been provided access to the current network, including the Miling line, until the end of 2026. Importantly, this means there will be no disruptions to network access.

It also provides our grain industry certainty and security. It means we can look forward and confidently invest in the future of our grain receival network and seek to maximise the tonnes we move on rail.

Cost to re-open Tier 3 rail lines uneconomical  

There has been a significant amount of discussion on the future of Tier 3 rail lines and CBH has continued to fight hard for ongoing access to these rail lines.

Unfortunately, the costs determined in the arbitration to re-open the Tier 3 lines were substantial. The investment required was simply uneconomical for CBH to accept on behalf of growers and would have seen freight rates increase significantly.

The CBH Board is disappointed that the arbitrated outcome did not lead to an economical solution to re-opening the Tier 3 rail lines.  We will continue working with all stakeholders to secure the most efficient path to port for Western Australian grain now and into the future.