Information on IMI tolerant barley varieties

On 29 March 2019 Barley Australia released an Industry Update on Market Access for imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant barley varieties which highlighted the different Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in importing countries and the potential impact this has on market access for barley treated with IMI (being Spartacus CL and Scope CL varieties).

In the update, Barley Australia advises growers to “carefully consider the use of IMI chemicals on their IMI tolerant barley” . CBH supports and reiterates this advice.

Read the full Barley Australia update here >

As both a bulk handler and grain exporter, CBH has assessed its options in regard to IMI tolerant barley varieties to maintain sustainable export market access for growers. At this stage, we will not introduce an IMI segretation, but will be seeking growers to declare any IMI chemical usage on their IMI tolerant varieties as part of the normal crop estimates process. We will be requesting growers to complete Paddock Planner, the online estimates tool, by 30 June (earlier than normal) to determine the volume of Spartacus CL and Scope CL hectares sown.

In line with other bulk handlers, the key changes we will make this harvest will be to increase chemical testing and you will be required to declare on your Carters Delivery Form (CDF) if your barley has been treated with IMI chemicals, in addition to the current glyphosate declaration.

In the near term, CBH will continue to work closely with industry and key markets in respect of this matter, including the chemistry behind the breakdown of IMI chemicals. To the extent further information comes to light, CBH may, to preserve long term access and grower value, introduce segregations for IMI treated barley and we will update growers if there are any changes.

Paddock Planner Estimates

New IMI varieties will be available in Paddock Planner to select when you are setting up your paddocks. If you use pre or post emergent IMI chemicals on your barley please use the following varieties:

  • Spartacus CL (IMI Treated)
  • Scope CL (IMI Treated)

Currently, this indication will not impact your deliveries at harvest and is for information purposes only. 

CDF Declaration

When you deliver a load at harvest you will be prompted via the CDF app (or paper form) to declare chemical use as per the normal process. There will be separate declaration for IMI chemicals on barley, and pre-harvest application of glyphosate on barley (introduced in the 2018-19 harvest).

Chemical Testing

CBH will invest in enhanced grain testing technology utilising the latest equipment to detect chemical residues and increase chemical testing at harvest, in line with other bulk handlers. We'd like to remind growers of their responsibilities in regard to chemical usage and the requirement to correctly declare all information on their CDF and the potential ramifications of misdeclarations. Please refer to more information and potential penalties for chemical residue management here.

CBH next steps

To ensure long term sustainable market access, CBH will seek to work with the entire supply chain from breeders, regulators, other bulk handlers and marketers to ensure that international market acceptance testing is conducted when developing new grain varieties or agronomic practices.