CBH Domestics Booking System and Mobile App

The CBH Domestics new site outturn booking system and mobile app facilitates the outturn and movement of grain from CBH sites to end-users.

With the booking system in LoadNet for Transporters, fleet schedulers can view and book available slots at CBH sites and bookings are then available in the CBH Domestics mobile app for drivers when picking up the grain from site.


With the CBH Domestics app, drivers self-serve at the weighbridge, complete site inductions within the app and access key site information such as operating hours and contact details. The app replaces paper forms with electronic versions available in the app and and email PDF document.


  • Ability to schedule and book outturn requirements for transport fleet 
  • Visibility of all outturn contracts and releases
  • Ability to view available pick-up slots at CBH sites
  • Simple and quick in-app site induction
  • Driver self-weigh for gross and tare weights
  • Ability to set up favourite trucks and sites
  • Easy access to site operating hours, contact details & traffic flow maps
  • Electronic paperwork in app and email
  • Ability to view load history and forward paperwork via email

How it works

  • Outturns are planned and scheduled via the CBH Domestics team for the week following
  • Once releases are approved by CBH, the transporter can book available slots via the Site Outturn Booking system
  • Once a slot is booked, a unique booking reference number allows the truck driver to pick up grain from the allocated CBH site
  • The driver starts a 'new journey' in the app using the booking reference number and pre-submits to the site, so they know the driver is coming and can prepare for the outturn
  • When the driver arrives at site they will self-weigh (tare) following the prompts available in the app, make their way to the loading point, then sample before they self-weigh (gross) and leave site to transport the load to the end-user
  • An electronic copy of the outturn form is emailed to the address associated with the booking, and is also available in the app for the driver to view or present on request

Download the app

The app is available from the Apple (iOS) and Google Play (Android) app stores for mobile and tablet devices.

Minimum operating system iOS 9.0 for Apple devices and 5.0 (Lollipop) for Android devices.


Need help?

For assistance with LoadNet for Transporters please contact:

P | (08) 9237 9792

E | cbh.domestics@cbh.com.au

For assistance with the site bookings and mobile app speak to CBH site staff, otherwise please call: 

P | (08) 9416 6300 - Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm

E | operations@cbh.com.au