International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)

International industries in both the food and biofuel markets are increasingly seeking to source grain which has been sustainably produced.

CBH Marketing and Trading has adopted the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) scheme to enable export into these valuable markets and meet customer preferences. Under the scheme, the entire supply chain must be certified each year to ensure the crop is sustainably produced and greenhouse gas emission reduction standards are met.

We have achieved accreditation in two ISCC schemes, ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS, to maintain market access and develop new market opportunities. For the accreditation, we have a group certification that extends to growers who supply us with ISCC certified commodities.

To participate in the scheme, growers need to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the requirements of ISCC and be satisfied that their farm is compliant
  • Complete the ISCC self-declaration form online that is available on LoadNet
  • Be willing to participate in an audit if selected by the appointed auditor

Sustainable Crops for Biofuel – ISCC EU

One of Australia's major canola markets, the European Union (EU), has sustainability requirements for all biomass being used in the production of biofuels. All raw materials used or imported for the production of biofuels must be certified as being produced sustainably.

Since 2010, CBH Marketing and Trading has been accredited to access the EU biofuel market for Australian grown canola through the ISCC EU scheme.

Growers who have not completed an ISCC self-declaration form will incur a $10 per tonne discount on the sale of their canola to CBH Marketing and Trading.

Sustainable Crops for Food – ISCC PLUS

The ISCC PLUS scheme is for food, feed, bio-based products, energy, and biofuels outside EU. With our close relationships with end users across the value chain, CBH Marketing and Trading is seeking to develop new markets for sustainably produced grain though ISCC Plus.

ISCC audit requirements for the ISCC EU and ISCC Plus schemes are harmonised, meaning that there is no additional action required by growers. Growers participating in ISCC EU will also be certified as ISCC PLUS compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do growers participate in the ISCC group certification?

Growers can join the CBH Marketing and Trading certification by completing an ISCC self-declaration electronically on LoadNet.  Once completed, all grain sold to CBH Marketing and Trading is certified for that growing season.

Q What are the benefits of participating?

CBH Marketing and Trading pays a price premium on selected ISCC certified commodity contracts.  This price premium rewards growers for being part of the ISCC system which collectively enables Australian grain access to valuable overseas markets. Having access to a greater number of customers in turn supports the demand for all Australian grain, benefiting all growers.

Q What are the drawbacks of participating?

Feedback from previously audited growers suggests the only major drawback is the time it takes to complete an audit. The audit can take up to three hours on farm.

CBH Marketing and Trading provides a check-up service in the months prior to an audit to ensure growers are equipped with the resources for a fast, seamless and successful audit.

For further information about the audits, please refer to the Audit Frequently Asked Questions.

Q I’ve heard the requirements of ISCC are very strict.  How do I know I comply?

The requirements of ISCC apply to many different production systems, from Australian grain, to South American soybeans and Malaysian palm oil. Good agricultural practice, that is typical of Australian farming systems, helps to meet most requirements including:

  • Maintaining crop production and spray records
  • Complying with ISCC land clearing restrictions, as outlined in the Land Clearing FAQ
  • Appropriately storing chemicals and fuels, as outlined in the Chemical and Fuel FAQ.

The full documents listing all ISCC requirements can be found on the ISCC website

Q I’ve already signed a self-declaration for a different ISCC marketer. Do I need to sign another?

Yes. Current ISCC rules require a grower to sign an ISCC self-declaration each season, for each marketer they contract ISCC certified grain to. CBH Marketing and Trading makes this process as simple as possible by enabling growers to submit the self-declaration electronically on LoadNet.

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