CBH Notifier mobile application


Staying up to date with harvest changes is easy with our CBH Notifier mobile app. Download the app today so you can:

  • Receive real time notifications on harvest updates and changes, including segregation services, operating hours and site closures
  • Customise your notifications at a zone, area or site level
  • Make changes while on the go, all at your fingertips

The CBH Notifier app replaces the traditional SMS text messaging service, so you will need to download the app to keep receiving important updates from CBH.

It's easy to use, so download it to your smartphone from the Apple App store for Apple devices, or Google Play store for Android devices by searching 'CBH Notifier' to get started today. Access the handy user guide for some easy to follow instructions on how to use the app.


CBH Notifier app icon


Can I use the app on my tablet device?

Yes - you can just download the app onto your tablet device and access it, but be aware that the app is optimised for mobile phone size, so it will look a little different.

Can I use the app on my laptop or desktop computer?

Yes - you can read notifications from a browser on your windows based laptop or desktop computer, but you will not receive the 'notifications' as you would on your mobile. To access from your laptop or desktop computer click here

Can I still receive SMS notifications?

We will not be using the SMS text messaging services from this harvest. If you want to continue to receive important harvest updates from CBH you will need to download the app.

The notifications act very similarly to receiving text messages, and in fact because you are in control of what notifications you subscribe to, you can manage the flow of messages you receive. The app does not take up a lot of data to download, receive or store messages. Messages are also deleted after 14 days, if not earlier.

I'm receiving too many notifications, how can I turn them off?

The key benefit of the CBH Notifier app is that you have control over the notifications you want to receive so if you are receiving too many, just review what you have subscribed to under "My Subscriptions".

What about poor coverage, how will I receive notifications then?

Unfortunately we can't fix poor coverage, but if you have poor coverage or are in a blackspot, your notifications will come through once you are in an area with coverage. This is just the same as if you were receiving SMS text messages.

Why am I not seeing the notifications on my phone?

You will need to make sure that your phone's settings have allowed notifications to be switched on. Follow the instructions for doing this in the user guide (step 5).