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The CBH CDF app delivers real-time information for your grain deliveries. Whether you're driving the truck or working back on the farm, keep track of your deliveries from anywhere, at any time.


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  • Track your deliveries from paddock to site
  • Real-time notifications through delivery
  • Set up favourites and sync your paddock data
  • No more paperwork

Available for Apple iOS and Android devices from the Apple Store or Google Play now.

New features

We've made improvements to the CDF app in preparation for the coming harvest following feedback from growers.

Some of the key new features include:

  • Better user experience in form submission, including a ‘copy last CDF’ option
  • New ‘expected grade’ field and notes section to better communicate with drivers
  • Updated Notification Centre with configurable notifications to a property level
  • New email address book to forward electronic weighbridge tickets
  • Improved load history details and search function
  • Improved workflow for the form and delivery process

How it works

The CBH CDF app replaces the traditional paper Carter’s Delivery Form (CDF) for your grain deliveries so you can track your load through the delivery process. 

  • Growers and truck drivers can pre-submit their load information for grain deliveries while on the farm to notify the CBH receival site of a coming delivery.
  • If you submitted your estimates through LoadNet Paddock Planner, all your paddock information including paddock name, commodity and variety will automatically sync to the CDF app, meaning it will take less time to enter delivery details in the CDF app for each load at harvest. 
  • Real-time notifications are sent throughout the delivery process including the sample results and the driver’s arrival and departure from the receival site.
  • The app also shows which sites are open, which grains are being accepted at each site, and the approximate waiting time at the site.
  • You can also generate real time reports on your paddock weighed averages during harvest.
For any assistance with the CDF app, call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083

Receival fee discount 

To earn the $0.50 per tonne receival fee discount for the 2019-20 season, grower’s will need to have entered their estimates in LoadNet Paddock Planner by end of day 1 August 2019 and use the CDF app for their harvest deliveries up to 28 February 2020. 
The discount will only be earned on tonnes delivered via the CDF app that link back to their paddock estimates in Paddock Planner. If they made any updates to the estimates after 1 August, that is okay - the discount will still apply when they deliver those loads to CBH via the CDF app.

Useful Resources

You can download the CDF app from the App Store for iOS (Apple) and Google Play Store for Android devices. 

For Apple devices: a minimum iOS version 10 and minimum iPhone 5S are required. The app may work for older models but they are no longer supported by Apple. 

For Android devices: A minimum operating system of Android 5.0 is required.

Tutorial Videos

1. Faster deliveries with the CDF app

2. Setting up your CDF app

3. How to submit a CDF