Barley Segregations and Recommendations

The Grain Industry of WA - WA Malt Barley Variety Receival Recommendations have been updated for the 2019-20 harvest are now available. This provides an overview of the preferred and acceptable barley varieties, a summary of which is shown below:

  1. La Trobe and Spartacus CL will be the main malt barley varieties grown.
  2. Segregation opportunities for Bass, Flinders, La Trobe, and Spartacus CL will vary by port zone and within a port zone.
  3. Scope CL and Bass will have limited segregations in the Kwinana and Albany zones. Flinders will have limited segregation in the Albany zone.

The full table of malt and food barley variety recommendations by port zone are available to download and a summary shown in the table further below.

WA Malt Barley Variety Receival Recommendations Report

Malt barley varieties from a market and customer perspective

Every year, CBH Marketing & Trading also provides an update on the barley varieties which are preferred by customers of Australian malting barley. This update is based on our market knowledge and direct customer feedback and should be read in conjunction with the GIWA recommendations to assist in decision making.


CBH Barley Variety Market Update - March 2019


In summary, the CBH Barley Variety Market Update states that:

  1. Bass and La Trobe are the preferred customer varieties, and La Trobe is critical for supply to the Japanese Shochu market. 
  2. Flinders and Scope CL are widely accepted and market evaluation is ongoing for Spartacus CL, with more detailed user feedback and acceptance expected mid to late 2019.
  3. While RGT Planet was accredited in 2019, it is still undergoing market evaluation with commercial and brewing trials for acceptance in export markets which will dictate any premium available. Malting barley accreditation does not guarantee a malting premium.
  4. It is critical for growers to submit their estimates via LoadNet Paddock Planner to ensure CBH Operations can plan the right service in the right locations for harvest.

Summary table - GIWA variety recommendations for 2019-20

2019-20 Barley recommendations by port zone

NOTE: Banks and RGT Planet are still undergoing malting and brewing accreditation so not included in the current 2019-20 recommendations.