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Our performance at harvest starts with your estimates

Paddock Planner is the online estimates tool that helps you keep your property information up to date right down to a paddock level, including your estimate for each paddock.


Click here if you are unable to use Paddock Planner and prefer to submit your estimates in LoadNet as per previous years.

Benefits to Growers

  • Segregations - Paddock Planner provides real time information about your crop so we can better plan services for harvest with the right segregations at the right sites.
  • CDF app integration - your paddock level information syncs directly to your CDF app to streamline your deliveries at harvest and improve turnaround times.
  • Harvest and opening hours - we can better understand harvest progress to ensure sites are staffed and open at the right times, manage segregation changes and keep services aligned to how the local harvest is progressing.    


Want to get started or need more information? Below are some tools to help you out. 

Receive a discount on your receival fees

Thank you to everyone who submitted their estimates by end of day, 1 August 2019. We received a total of 72 per cent of estimates through Paddock Planner when compared to hectares planted in the GIWA crop report. 

Although the period to receive the fee discount has finished, we are still encouraging growers to update their estimates as the season progresses, and for those who have yet to enter their crop plans can still do so and help with harvest planning. 

Improved functionality - we've listened to your feedback 

We have made some improvements, so you can better manage your properties and estimates.  

  • You can now upload files from other mapping software directly into Paddock Planner including KMZ, KML and shapefiles (consisting of three files; PRJ, DBF, SHP). Instructions
  • You can also split paddocks, so you can enter multiple commodities, varieties and sites. Instructions     

Your information is secure with CBH 

Your privacy is our priority, every day. We’re committed to protecting your personal and business information in line with Australia’s Privacy laws.PP

We don’t share your estimates data with any marketer, including CBH’s Marketing & Trading division, and this has always been the case. 

However, if you have given permission to your CBH Business Relationship Manager to access your account, they will be able to see your estimates. You can update this permission at any time in LoadNet. 

Any estimates data you share through Paddock Planner is only shared back to you, unless you have given permission to another person or organisation to view your account, which you can update at any time in LoadNet.   

Read our FAQs for more information on how we collect and use your estimates data. 

Tutorial Videos

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